Review: SushiWaka

Sushiwaka ramen

Questionable decisions and karaoke bars go hand in hand.  Domestic lager lowers your inhibitions; the e-numbers in bright green shots produce something similar to an adrenaline rush; close proximity to bawdy hen parties gives you a temporary self-esteem boost, and before you know it…  

“I have the vocal range to take on both duet parts of Nelly & Kelly’s Dilemma, easy” you think; “I should break the ice with my partner’s work friends by rapping Superbass”; “I WILL pay homage to Rock DJ by taking all of my clothes off throughout the course of my performance”

See what I mean?  Each decision more questionable than the last (they weren’t all in the same evening, though, I promise).  Eating dinner at one, though?  I would do anything in a karaoke bar (but I won’t do that).

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