Review: Ox Club at Headrow House, Leeds

ox club header 2

It seemed appropriate that shortly before eating at Ox Club, I’d been to the cinema to see the the Jungle Book remake.  What was intended as an hour and a half of listening to Idris Elba impersonate a tiger (and reassessing my position on the Human Sexuality Spectrum accordingly) turned out to be a parable about the responsibility that comes with harnessing fire.

Handled with a deftness of touch, fire and its many applications is what separates us from the rest of the animals.  Combined with a bit of ingenuity it’s helped provide us with hot water, the internal combustion engine, and toasted marshmallows.  In the clumsy mitts of those who doesn’t understand or respect it properly, the results can be disastrous; resulting in forest fires, singed eyebrows, and sausages half-cooked on a disposable barbecue.

Luckily, the chefs at Ox Club know what they’re doing when it comes to fire.

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