Honky Tonk Announces “World’s Most Expensive Burger”


Burgers are currently the promotional medium for carrying a brand’s yada yada – you’ve only got to look as far as the murdered-out Burger King that everybody talked about briefly last month for proof of that – and deliberately creating the “World’s Most Expensive” anything is perpetual PR release gold, so whoever came up with an idea to combine the two has earned themselves a few pats on the back when they go to the Slug & Lettuce for post-office drinks.

Chelsea restaurant Honky Tonk has obliterated the previous title-holders Serendipity in New York (you can watch 2 Chainz eat their positively austere $300 sandwich here) by coming up with a £1,100 effort which contains all of the expensive buzzword-foods you’d expect.  The gold leaf-coated bun houses a Wagyu patty containing a pocket of black truffle brie, and it’s topped with saffron-poached Lobster beluga caviar, a smoked egg, and champagne jus – it sounds like there’s a party in my mouth and Patrick Bateman has vomited 9 courses from Dorsia onto the rug.
Unlike Serendipity’s sandwich which has to be ordered 48 hours in advance and sees all the proceeds donated to homeless charities, the “Glamburger” was created to publicise tat-marketplace Groupon and isn’t actually available to buy.  Terrible news for absolutely nobody, except the Chelsea-residing oligarchs’ children who have missed out on a top Instagram opportunity.

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